Pretty Pins Blog Candy!

OOOoooh, these are one of my favorite embellishments in the Spring 2009 Idea Book! They are so much fun to use!! First of all, I am HUGE into packaging, and would you look at how these cute little pins are packaged? So nice. I LOVE it. I love when a product makes me feel special just by buying it!

They are so tiny and sweet. Just the perfect size for tucking in a piece of ribbon on a card or on a layout. And at the price point of just 35 cents per pin, they are a steal!

What would you do with these? Where would you put them? Do you like them? Let me know! There's some BLOG CANDY in this for the winner of this random drawing! I am going to send this package of Pretty Pins to the winner when I draw their name on Saturday, February 14th!! You don't have a chance of winning if you don't enter!!


Anonymous said…
I just got the pins and I am looking forward to trying them different ways. I did use my first one on the card box that I just finished and it really turned out pretty. I am glad that I chose the paper that I did! I think I am going to use some of them to actually attach a framed picture to a page to hold it in place.
Anonymous said…
I think I would use them on one of Lacey's pages where she is wearing a big pony tail and put it in her hair for an accent!
Anonymous said…
I've already starting thinking Easter and I love Easter bonnets!I'd like to come up with a card design that involves bonnets and hatpins!
Marg VP
Anonymous said…
I think I would use these more towards cards. These would be very cute for baby girl cards.

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