Sassy Needs Attention...

I was on the phone and heard some rustling around. There was Sassy hunkering down right smack dab in the middle of my extra scrapbook table. I had everything laid out for some pages I was going to start working on, but Sassy must have thought it was a better place to sleep. Also when I sit at my craft desk she is staring right at me then, so I am thinking she wants some serious attention. Chanel has been chasing her around the house a lot today, so perhaps she wants to have a conversation about the over-zealous pooch we now have living in our house!

Fuuny story, though. We took Chanel to be spayed last Friday. It really knocked her for a loop, and she was really worn out. Poor little Beagle!! Sassy did not understand at all and kept walking up to Chanel and putting her paw on her and sniffing her. SO cute. So all that chasing and running they do - well, I think Sassy LOVES it!


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